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Trevor Tierney Shares Some Great Advice on Getting Recruited

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
The recruiting season is in full swing right now, as you can see from some of our recent posts.  We will always try to find resources to share with you that will help you navigate the process and land in the right school for you. We managed to dig up a blog entry from one of the games greatest goalies of all time, Trevor Tierney.  Trevor’s runs Tier Lacrosse and features a regular blog on his site at In this installment he offers some great advice on the importance of being a solid person. So, we have looked at how coaches are looking for the best players, athletes and students that they can find. Last but not least though, coaches want to recruit great people. Obviously, this is a quality that is a little less tangible and less observable than the other qualities. However, it is definitely something coaches pick up on and here are some examples and ways in which they do : 1. Lacrosse is a very small world and word travels quickly. Coaches will be able to find out whether or not you are a good citizen off the field very quickly. Coaches do not want to deal with young men who continuously get themselves in trouble in high school. They do not want people who have had run-ins with the law or have bad reputations amongst their peers or teachers. Coaches have to interact with student athletes for four years and their lives are closely intertwined.  To be blunt, most coaches do not want jerks on their team, so your best bet is to stay out of trouble in high school and at camps that you go to during the summer. The advice my father, Coach T, gives on this topic to young players is, “If you wouldn’t do it or say it in front of your mother or grandmother, then don’t do it or say it.” This one little piece of advice should at least keep you from doing something stupid if you adhere to it honestly! Please read the rest of his post…