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Bracketology Friday! Boys Region 2 – 2A

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First, let me explain how I came to these conclusions since there are some assumptions we had to make, given how little the FHSAA gave out:

I started with the 4/5/22 FHSAA rankings, and since no one in Gainesville would confirm or deny that the games of 4/4 were included, I will go with what Tampa Lax Report said and make 4/5 the starting point for including results.

According to some of what was probable, the District playoff games carried a little more weight than a regular season game. The issue of a head to head win was never confirmed, so I will count the head to head in the playoff as more important.

Won-Loss record certainly seemed to be more important than first thought and strength of schedule less important, so I carried that thinking over too.

There are a few games left today due to weather and a brush fire, so they are inclusive of both schools when projecting positions/slots.

We are going to do one of these articles for each region – 16 in total.

I have no reason to think geography will be part of the selection process, like it is in the NCAA at times. If a District rematch is indicated in the first round, I am assuming it will be played. There is no indication that the FHSAA will avoid first round rematches at this time.

Margin of victory does not seem important, and a forfeit is not counted (this is problematic if won-loss is so important).

Okay, if I think of something else, I’ll add it!

Region 2 – Boys 2A

Winter Park, state finalists, likely Final Four participant, etc., etc. Never a doubt all season they were going to be the #1 seed and that played out. It got interesting with Martin County and Windermere along the way but Martin’s loss in OT to Vero Beach in the final lifted Windermere to #2 and Vero to #3, while sending Martin to the #5 seed, as Lake Nona garnered the #4 seed with the district win.

There was a little movement in the at-large bids but the Top 8 was likely set in stone before districts pending a Lake Howell move. Lake Howell lost in the semifinals and that ended their hopes.

The 3 at-large bids open were contested by:

Boone – #20 – 2-1 record since 4/4, lost in semifinal to Timber Creek

Timber Creek – #22 – 4-2 record, lost final

Viera – #29 – 1-2, lost semifinal


This is pretty simple, Timber Creek leaps Boone with the head-to-head win in district


So, this is how it looks:

#1 Winter Park vs #8 Viera

#2 Windermere vs #7 Boone

#3 Vero Beach vs #6 Timber Creek

#4 Lake Nona vs #5 Martin County