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High School Coaches, Please Send Me Your Info! Both Boys and Girls Coaches!

  SOS – I went to a new phone and lost all my contacts!! In order to be able to do season previews I’m going to need some help from you! Please send to me at your cell number, school name (better I learn any more coaching moves now) and if you have your schedules in a Word, Excel or PDF format I’d appreciate that too!  Those of you who have my cell number can send the contact data via text so I can upload it directly to my phone. Many of you can also help me out by sending out this request to the other coaches in your districts that don’t frequent our web site . . . please do so!  Otherwise I’ll have to call each school individually and that’s not a good use of my time.  Thanks for all the help up front! For the fans I have some good news based on what I am hearing from many of my contacts . . . you are going to be seeing some big name northern programs that have not made any Florida trips in the past!  Don’t miss that opportunity!