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Thailand 2011: Back to the Future (Part 2)

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
The Airport Pick-Up
Well … So far, I’ve stayed in a supposedly haunted condo.  I’ve have participated in my  3rd lacrosse game on Thai soil.  I’ve gone to a shooting range.  And I’ve finally eaten duck. My sleeping patterns are WAY off, and they will not be normal before I return home, which means they will not be normal for a little while after I return home.  No worries though.  It’s all worth it.  Backtracking a bit, I landed in Bangkok Friday night, and my host, tried to scare me by having one of his guys run up on me as I exited the jetway.  Thai people – or at least Payu’s people – are way too nice.  So it was more confusing than terrifying.  I wasn’t sure whether to shake hands, put my camera down, or just keep quiet and walk (Lord, knows I don’t speak Thai).  Definitely got a kick out of it though, when he and Sean Lindsey walked up laughing at me.
After the Thai-Hong Kong friendly game
I slept about 2 hours that night, woke up and watched The Dark Knight, while I fought with the internet connection.  So far, the internet connection has been crushing me, and I’ve resorted to watching Martin and Chappelle’s Show on DVD during major down times.  Once everyone was up and moving, we ate breakfast (AWESOME), and then rolled out to a mall for a little while.  From there we returned home, with just enough time to sit down, relax for about 20 minutes, grab our equipment, and then head out to the field for the Thailand vs Hong Kong Friendly Game– WHICH, by the way, was an amazing experience.  Impact
Action from the Hong Kong Game
Stadium, the TLA’s home field was under a foot of water, due to the flooding so we changed venues less than 24 hours before the event.  It did not take away from the energy and enthusiasm exhibited by both fans and players alike.  To participate in lacrosse competition as spirited, an unselfish as this game has been is something that I wish all lacrosse players were able to experience.  There’s so much garbage that is involved in lacrosse these days, particularly at the higher levels.  This however, was a bunch of guys that love the sport and are playing for no more than pride – in themselves, in their country, in each other.
At the shooting range - another first!
We went out that night, and enjoyed some of the Bangkok nightlife.  It was only 1 stop.  But after traveling halfway around the world, sleeping for 2 hours, and playing a game in hot/ridiculously humid conditions, it was a long night.  Enough said. After eating breakfast, I slept most of Sunday away.  6p was my return to reality, and since everyone else was out, I threw Martin in the DVD player and chilled out for another hour and a half or so.  After everyone got back, we went out.  The night was low key, but still fun.
Disclaimer: Despite the unbelievably fierce movie star action photo look, the gun pictured is not loaded, nor does it have a magazine in it
Sunday, I had another first.  We spent most of the day at a shooting range, where I learned to shoot about 4 or 5 different handguns.  Was pretty cool to see them handle the bikes the way they did.  I was even able to enjoy the obstacle course, which, now that I think about it was very dangerous!  Realistically, if you listen, follow directions, and don’t try to do anything stupid, it’s pretty safe.  But the fact that I was moving around with a loaded gun with about 2 hours of “training” under my belt is still a little unsettling in hindsight.  I enjoyed every minute of it though.  Next to the shooting range was actually a track where we watched guys on motorcycles FLY by us.  Last night was super low key.  Got some work done, while watching Tropic Thunder (and Scream 4, for some reason), and then went to bed.  Again, I didn’t sleep too long.  I think I got about 4 hours in, but I napped yesterday for a
At the track
bit as well after we returned from the gun range. So far, my only real complaint is that my electric shaver blew out yesterday.  I accidentally plugged it in, while it was on, and it kind of popped and then went dead.  So my face is kind of itchy, and I suspect I will look pretty scruffy until I can get a new one.  Not cool.  Otherwise, I’m all good.
At Impact Stadium during the Singapore Game
Oh yea … Thanks to 1 Lacrosse for signing me, and for all the love everyone has shown me since the press releases came out.  It’s a cool opportunity for me, and I’m looking forward to working with those guys throughout the year! My next blog will probably be en route to the States, or once I return. be easy God bless.